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Farm Seoulaim Business

 90,000 ㎡

Khon Kaen, Thailand

Smart Farm

20230408_114522 2.jpg

Smart Farm hydroponic and open field(coconut beet) cultivation
with seeds sourced directly from Korea


European lettuce (romaine)

Chives, Cilantro, Sesame leaves,

Pak Choi

Cherry tomato, Cucumber, Chili peppers, etc.

Export and Sales

  • After cultivation, export processed and semi-processed Kimchi, pickles, wild herbs, and various pickles to Korea.

  • Delivering fresh tropical fruits sourced from fruit farms in Thailand through partnership with airlines to Korea.

  • Entering large supermarkets and wholesale markets in Thailand.

Distributor Business

  • Branded various agricultural products such as seed production, Korean sprinklers, and nutrient fertilizers for a large agricultural supermarket business.

  • Entered hypermarkets and wholesale markets in Thailand. Operating franchise stores selling vegetables, various fruits, and healthy beverages in major metropolitan areas, starting with Bangkok.

Business Viability

  • The price of premium quality vegetables in Thailand is relatively high, especially during the rainy season from May to November, making smart farms more profitable than existing farms.

  • Selling greenhouse construction and technology(know-how) by preempting large-scale smart farms early on

  • Differentiation of advanced Korean fertilizer and agricultural materials

  • Potential market in Southeast Asia’s largest agricultural country

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