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Farm Seoulaim


CEO of Farm Seoulaim Co., Ltd.

Farm Seoulaim Co., Ltd. is located in Dangjin, Chungnam-do, Korea,

and we are currently operating a smart farm using thin-film hydroponics in Thailand, and we plan to promote smart farm operation and distribution business in Korea in the future.

Smart farms are essential businesses for the future, and we will work together to increase food self-sufficiency for the world, not just Korea.

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Reasons Why 
Farm Seoulaim
Entered Thailand

Korean smart farms are evaluated for their small-scale ICT and AI-based technology rather than for the purpose of producing agricultural products,

but Farm Seoulaim has decided to adapt Korean smart farms to the climate of Khon Kaen, Thailand, with the aim of producing higher economic value and large-scale agricultural products through differentiated technology and reducing expensive heating and labor costs.


Patent Status

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Farm Seoulaim Co., Ltd.

Business Introduction

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